As much as you you get excited for the first steps of your baby, your loved one is motivated to walk throygh the world. Babies start to walk through the age of 6 to 24 months usually. But before getting to that stage, they like to explore around. Baby walkers are to help them exploring. Exploring around the house can exceed their motivation to walk. Max Baby Walker which has brakes, is a right product for your loved ones to enjoy his/her first steps of his/her life.

There are many gears and products for babies but the wheeled toys are very convenient for them. Baby Walkers are good training yet amusing kind for them. Beside this type can be used as upright walker too.

  • From 6 months and up
  • Musical Console
  • adjustable in 3 position height
  • Compact collapsible
  • Stairs safety locks
  • Removable seat
  • Upright walker


Weight4 Kg
Musical Console
Washable fabric
Wheels number4
Adjustable in 3 way
Walker handle