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Delijan Company started his activity since 1987 in Tehran and his goal was to present products that bring safety and comfort to children and their parents. From the beginning Delijan has been seeking to increase the level of satisfaction among his countrymen by focusing on the quality of its products and during the years after Iran-Iraq war, was able to accomplish his mission of assisting national construction and reconstruction of domestic production infrastructures by relying on the local knowledge and the efforts of the technicians and after a gradually moving forward and making progress, become the largest manufacturer of childcare and child safety products in our beloved homeland.. What makes Delijan today at such a high position among his fellows is the perpetual approach of his senior executives who set promoting the level of product quality and the creation of satisfaction and trust in customers as the main pattern of the system of their activities. Therefore and in order to update activities and moving forward to a modern industrial production and a systematic organization, Delijan, with the help of young Iranian specialists, brought together a dynamic, motivational team, which led to the realization of the developmental views of the system. In early 2000 Delijan started to compete with his foreign competitors and try to reach to the Ideal level of safety and quality by getting international Standards certificates on his products and now eliminating all obstacles in the way of entrance into the international markets and contributing to the advancement of our beloved Iran.